, The best recipe of pumpkin soup in a world, which you won’t be able to find anywhere! Soup of “Wisdom”: Ingredients for Pumpkin Soup: – 6 Tb. spoons of raw shredded pumpkin – [More] How Can We Slow Down The Aging Process? So, why do we age? So, let’s take away the chronological stuff because all of us can just look at our watch and know what’s going [More]
Dr. Ann tells you how to slow the aging process.
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Remember age is just a number…choose how you would like to age…please follow my journey towards competing in a natural body building competition in my 50th year. with Lauren Ostrowski Fenton.
Here I made it to 50 staying as young as I wanted to be. I want to share all my trainings, nutrition, supplementation and anything can help others achieve the same results I achieved, naturally [More]
Workouts don’t need to be a chore, just remember – what you don;t use you lose..  
Staying heart healthy over 50 can be made easier with a few tips from UConn Health’s very own Dr. William White.  High blood pressure with age need not be a health crisis.